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19 Times The "Bake Off" Bakers Lived Their Best Lives

The real legacy of the tent is the friendships.

Just so you know, the Bake Off bakers from over the years have been living their best goddamn lives.

1. Selasi is currently travelling in Peru, and it looks like he's having a wonderful time.

2. Just. Look. At. Him.

3. Meanwhile, please enjoy this photo of Andrew as a Christmas pudding, sat on Selasi's knee.

4. Their bond is so strong.

5. Val walked the Great Wall of China to raise money for charity and you can sponsor her here.

6. Andrew Smyth and Val also went to Louise's wedding, which led to this amazing Ed Sheeran dance together.

7. Val is obsessed with Sheeran. She missed seeing him during the BBC's Comic Relief fundraiser, resulting in this rather devastating tweet and photo:

Sat on Paddington station waiting for a train back home , so sad I didn't get to meet Ed Sheeran perhaps another ti…

But then she made this heartfelt video about love and music while brushing some sausage rolls.

Being reflective Ed Sheeran's lyrics remind me that nothing ever changes , we all think we are the only ones to eve…

"While I'm listening to Ed, I'll let you into a secret. All the lyrics remind me of when I was 17, 18 – the first love, breakup, happy days... And do you know, no matter how old you get, you can still listen to music like this and it makes you smile."

And Ed Sheeran finally responded with this tweet:

8. Yan has been sharing some of the fan art she has received, including this piece parodying the scene where we saw her race with her scooter.

9. Then there is the friendship between Bake Off's Liam and Flo, highlighted in this tweet.

A little inspiration from @flo_atkins17 for caramel week. Cheers! #cakeboy #GBBO #caramelweek

10. And just look at Julia posing on the beach like a pro.

"Choose to be optimistic, it feels better" 🙄🖖 Always trying my best to be that way 🙌😙❤

11. Here's Flo losing herself to focaccia.

Busy bee this morning baking 3 different flavours of focaccia bread tomatoes, pesto and Parmesan! Look at those bab…

12. And here's Julia and Flo together, which is joyful.

Friendship has no age limits @flo_atkins17 ❤❤❤ #GBBO #Friends #Love

13. Another Bake Off favourite: We found out at the end of one series that Norman was writing an autobiography.

In case you didn't know already, he self-published it.

And I will never forget this tweet of his.

14. Here was the scene when Nadiya's family and friends turned up to watch her documentary The Chronicles of Nadiya.

Ready to watch #chroniclesofnadiya #familytime @AbdalAbuMDM @95Shakir

15. Meanwhile Tamal caught the flowers at a mate's wedding.

So I caught the bouquet. MY TIME HAS COME.

16. He's also got a new Channel 4 series on the way, but for some reason Nadiya and Tamal haven’t done their own show together yet. Imagine how good that would be.

17. Here's a party featuring Bake Off's Chetna, Jordan, Kate, Luis, and Nancy.

The baker party is still rocking! #gbbo #bakeoff #happydays #partytime

18. Here's a photo showing the height difference between Mat and Nadiya, taken when they hung out together.

Apparently I appeared tall on bake off, in real life I'm small and elf like. Here's me with the giant @BegumNadiya

19. Bake Off: a competitive show about cake, but also a wonderful show about friendships.