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Here's Where You Can Follow The "Bake Off" Bakers On Social Media

We've done all the hard work for you.

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1. Tom, the Scottish architect.

Instagram: @tomeatscake

Tom impressed the judges in the opening episode with his gold-leafed pear on top of his cardamon cake. Tom is a keen participant in rugby, triathlons, skiing and horseriding.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Only 3 sleeps until #GBBO - but first, #RUGBY!

2. Steven, the amazing baking illusionist.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Steven got Star Baker in the first episode, mainly for his stunning sandwich illusion Showstopper. He's won over a lot of people online, even Noel Fielding, who said "I think I'm in love with you" to him, just ten minutes into the first episode.


3. Yan, the "banana-ramen" biomedical scientist.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Yan, from Enfield, who suffered an oven disaster in the opening episode, but impressed the judges with her "banana-ramen" cake, complete with a katsu topping (made from Rice Krispies and marshmallows). She also provided one of the most WTF moments from the first episode.

You can follow Yan on Twitter and Instagram.

#GBBO fans if you see me out and about come up and say Hi and get me used to this. The stunned look is only temporary. I promise 😳👋🏼

4. Chris, the man with the greatest shirts in existence.

Instagram: @chriskgeiger

Chris, a software engineer, worked out his first Signature bake on a spreadsheet and was behind that delightful pork pie cake in the Showstopper. A keen writer (and Guinness World Record holder), keep an eye on his wonderful shirts.

You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

So surreal, last year I was watching the bakers, this year I am one of the bakers! Dreams can come true! #GBBO #GBBO2017 #BakeOff @Channel4


5. Liam, the student baker from Hackney.

Instagram: @liamcbakes

Liam is a bloody delight. He's one of my favourite contestants already and we're barely one episode in. Who can not like Liam? IT'S LIAM.

6. James, the banking baker.

Mark Bourdillon / Press Association Images and Love Productions / C4

You'll remember James from the opening episode from his love of his allotment, and the one who made a slightly slanted coffee cup illusion. A banker, he's been baking for more than 40 years and loves to blog about it too.

You can follow James on Twitter.

#cake , nuts, g&t, waiting on the guests and let the #gbbo party begin.


7. Stacey, the delightful baking perfectionist.

Good luck guys. Let the battle begin! 😀 8pm Channel 4 #5oclocksomewhere #ginandtonic #mydreamcametrue #iminthetent…

Despite throwing half of her bakes in the bin and restarting them all over again in the first episode, Stacey managed to get them done in time and breeze her way into biscuit week. Her Instagram is absolutely choc (literally) full of bakes.

8. Kate, the blacksmith baker.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Kate is the one you remember from the opening episode as being a health and safety executive AND hardcore blacksmith. She didn't have the best first week, with her greenhouse illusion falling apart, but here's hoping she goes far.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram: @katie

She's got great dog baking game.


9. Sophie, the champagne illusionist.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Sophie is a keen track cyclist and made that champagne bottle top that looked rather weird at first glance, but great in the end. She's stormed it so far, with a Paul Hollywood handshake in only week one.

You can follow her on Twitter.

What a great evening, watching the first episode with loads of friends. Well done to all my fellow bakers! #GBBO

10. Julia, the super-keen skyping baker.

Instagram: @jchernogorova

Julia, who skypes with her nan who lives in Siberia, made that delightful illusion

Russian doll in the first Showstopper challenge. The reason? "The outside looks Russian, like me, the inside is English, which is also me now."

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you so much everyone for all of your amazing comments, so pleased everyone enjoyed it! ☺☺☺


11. Peter, the first baker out.

Love Productions / Channel 4

It must be hard being the first one out of the tent. You've gone through so many hoops to get in, only to then fall. He just had a bad week.

You can follow him on Twitter.

The beauty of being on #GBBO is you meet amazing bakers that share a common interest. I have had an wonderful time and made 11 new friends 😄

12. And finally, Flo, the watermelon illusion goddess.

Love Production / Channel 4

It was a bit hard to work out whether Flo was actually on Twitter (and whether an account was a parody or not), but after confirmation from the Bake Off people, you can find her right here.

In conclusion...

Thanks to Flo #GBBO still has "Melon Sue" 🍉 #TeamRB