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    Aziz Ansari's Parents Are Simply Amazing In "Master Of None"

    Yes, really. From the second episode, those guys in the show are his parents.

    Aziz Ansari's actual parents, Shoukath and Fatima, are in Master of None, his new comedy show on Netflix. And quite simply, they're a SCREAM. For example, this exchange about YouTube videos.

    Netflix / Alan Yang Productions

    And this exchange between Shoukath and Fatima.

    Netflix / Alan Yang Productions

    And when he talks about forgetting to pick up a friend because he didn't put his calendar on his new iPad.

    Alan Yang Pictures / Netflix

    In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Ansari explained why he decided to cast is parents in these roles.

    I wanted those characters to feel real, because sometimes when you see immigrant parents on TV and film they are very broad and they're vehicles for this kind of hacky, ethnic jokes where the Dad would be like, "Oh that's a tandoori chicken in my pocket."

    I asked my parents to do it and my dad and mom agreed and they were fantastic. And I've seen reviews where they singled out my dad and go, "Oh my god Shoukath Ansari steals the show," and I'm like, "Oh my god this is not what I wanted to do." [laughs]

    TBH it's just awesome to know that when he hugs his parents in the show, they're his real parents.

    Netflix / Alan Yang Productions
    Netflix / Alan Yang Productions

    "I love you."

    Especially in the second episode when he made this promise to ring his parents more often.

    Netflix / Alan Yang Productions

    This is pretty cool too.

    Netflix / Alan Yang Productions

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