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    Australia Is Going To Be Participating In This Year's Eurovision Song Contest

    Even though the competition is called EURO-vision.

    Australia is going to be competing in Eurovision.

    Eurovision Song Contest executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand said:

    It's a daring and at the same time incredibly exciting move. It is our way of saying; let's celebrate this party together!

    At the very heart of the Eurovision Song Contest is the importance of bringing countries together to celebrate diversity, music and culture. We have admired and respected SBS's support of Eurovision for many years now and wanted to extend the invitation for Australia to join us in this special 60th Anniversary of the Contest. It would be remiss of us to throw the world's biggest party and not invite our Australian friends, who have such a long history and connection with Eurovision.

    But some people are confused at the announcement.

    Australia to compete it How does that make sense.

    If you Photoshop Australia so it's just off the coast of Portugal, letting them into Eurovision kind of makes sense

    Thanks to the magic of #Eurovision, I can now tick Australia off the list as another European country I've visited.

    Others have argued that it isn't that important.

    "But Australia isn't in Europe" NO ONE CARES. Shhh. #Eurovision

    Wow! Australia is COMPETING @Eurovision Song Contest this year! DYK Olivia Newton-John sang for the UK in '74? I'm full of trivia.

    It is also worth noting that if Australia wins the contest, they won't host the competition next year.

    You can watch the full announcement here.

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