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Australia Nearly Won Eurovision And It Scared The Hell Out Of Us

"Australia is my favourite European country so far."

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This is Dami Im. She's Australia's entrant at Eurovision.

Maja Suslin / AFP / Getty Images

They're back in the competition after being allowed in for the 60th anniversary last year.

Are we going to accept them in Eurovision?

Enough sniping about Australia being in #Eurovision. Look at a map, why don't you?


"Australia is a big part of Europe and should definitely be in the Eurovision Song Contest."

How the hell does Australia expect to win when they have no neighbouring countries? #Eurovision

Everyone in the UK watching Australia in #Eurovision

She was also performing on a box.

Solved the mystery of what's in Australia's box #Eurovision

At least America understands it all.

And this is how CONFUSED Americans felt watching #Eurovision Live, when #Australia came on stage!!

Australia is my favourite European country so far. #Eurovision

But then Australia started to win the jury vote??!!!


And people were like.

invite Australia they said it will be fun they said

europes about to go to war with australia over karaoke night

This excellent point was made.

If we leave the EU will Australia take our place

But then Ukraine beat them in the public vote.


Sorry, Australia.

  1. Should Australia be in Eurovision?

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Should Australia be in Eurovision?
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