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    Ashton Is Such A Lovely Character On "Gogglesprogs"

    He is one of the true stars on the kids version of Gogglebox.

    This is Ashton, with his cousins Cari and Darcie.

    Studio Lambert

    They're on the British show called Gogglesprogs, which is the kid spin-off of Gogglebox. They live in Neath, near Port Talbot in Wales.

    You see, the more I watch Gogglesprogs, the more I am amazed at the stuff Ashton comes out with.

    1. He's very good at observational humour. Take this scene from The Wizard of Oz.

    Studio Lambert / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

    2. When people fell over whilst making human pyramids during Force of Nature with Brian Cox he said this:

    Studio Lambert / Via and

    Yes, 10 year olds know about Tumblr, but that's still a very good joke.

    3. He knows a lot about current affairs. When Theresa May was speaking outside Number 10, Ashton talked about Thatcher.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty and Studio Lambert / Via

    Margaret Thatcher left office nearly 26 years ago. Ashton is 10.

    4. He's quite a fierce political commentator.

    BBC News and Studio Lambert / Via and

    5. And when Britain decided to leave the EU Ashton talked about the complexity of British wine production.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    I can't remember for sure, but I don't think I knew about the complexity of British wine production when I was that age.

    6. Ashton even explained eloquently why Britain doesn't need to have its own President, like in the US.

    Studio Lambert / Via


    7. Here was his take on 24 Hours in A&E.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    8. But he's not always the funniest person on the sofa, though. Take this conversation at the start of a documentary.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    9. And sometimes it does all go a bit wrong.

    Disney and Studio Lambert / Via and

    You can catch up with episodes of Gogglesprogs on All4.

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