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    Ariana Grande Ordering A Grande Latte Whilst Being Carried By James Corden Is Giving Me Life

    "Do you know I demand to be carried everywhere? That's the kind of pop star I am."

    So the Carpool Karaoke with Ariana Grande has finallllly dropped and it deserves your undivided attention.

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    Firstly, holy shit this might be the best harmonising I've ever seen on Carpool Karaoke.

    Ariana went on to admit that she had a Jaws-themed party when she was 2, but no one came.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    But the best bit was when she talked about some of the false stories that have been written about her, such as one about how she demanded to be carried everywhere.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    Here's what the original photo of her being carried looked like, by the way.

    So then James and Ariana went to a Starbucks. When they got out of the car, James offered to give her a piggyback and she accepted.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    And when they entered the store, she said this.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    Before ordering a grande soy latte.


    The reactions by everyone else? Wonderful.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    My personal favourite is the woman whose back was turned throughout this entire exchange because she obviously had some very important work to do.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    I know she was joking but this is literally how I want to live.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

    In conclusion: This will never get old.

    CBS / Late Late Show / Via

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