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    Ariana Grande Opened Up About Living With Anxiety

    Speaking on a BBC Music special to be aired later this week, Ariana said: "I almost feel guilty that I have it because it's just in your head and it's just so crazy how powerful it is."

    Over recent years, Ariana Grande has garnered a lot of respect for being open and outspoken about her anxiety.

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    In fact, she included a track dedicated to the subject, titled "Get Well Soon", on her most recent album.

    @ainteventhink isss ab my anxiety. i felt like i was floating for like 3 months last year & not in a nice way. like i outside my body? was v scary and i couldn’t breathe well. so it’s ab that. & lots of voices in my head singin. i hope it comforts ppl who hear it pls ☁️

    But now, in a BBC Music special featuring interviews and performances from Ariana due to air later this week, the singer has spoken in more detail about her experiences.

    Speaking to host Davina McCall, Ariana revealed that she feels “guilty” about her anxiety because she regards herself as the “luckiest, most blessed girl in the world.”

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    She said: "I almost feel guilty that I have it because it's just in your head and it's just so crazy how powerful it is. You have ups and downs and sometimes you'll go weeks at a time where you will be crushing it and there will be no anxiety...and then something will happen that can trigger it and then you have a couple of down days, you know."

    She went on to say that she's found "reaching out to loved ones" for support has helped her deal with her anxiety.

    She also revealed that she generally tries to "preserve" herself by "not going out" when her work schedule is busy, but will always make time for her fans when she is visible.

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    Ariana said: "I’m going to be friendly because that’s the life that I have signed up for, and I have to be OK with it."

    And she concluded by revealing that she refuses to hold herself to “perfect” standards when it comes to being a role model.

    Kieran Mccarron / BBC / Kieran McCarron

    She said: “If I’m going to be a role model the last thing I should be is perfect, because that’s not realistic. That’s not a realistic goal for anybody to have. So, I think so long as I am honest and genuine and share with my fans my truest self then that’s the best I can do, because that’s allowing them to do the same thing.”

    Ariana Grande at the BBC will be on BBC One on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, at 9pm and will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer afterwards.

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