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    Let's Chat About Sherlock And Lestrade In That Final "Sherlock" Episode

    Spoilers: Do not read this article until you have finished "The Final Problem."

    The ending of "The Final Problem" was pretty damn special, just because Sherlock said this to Lestrade.

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    This really is quite a big deal.

    Sherlock never remembered Lestrade's name in just about every single Sherlock episode.

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    He seriously has no idea what it is.

    Hartswood Films / BBC

    Not a clue.

    Hartswood Films / BBC

    Or Sherlock is not that nice to him.

    Hartswood Films / BBC

    Although sometimes he gets his revenge, like when he got a totally hungover Sherlock and Watson out of a police cell:

    Hartswood Films / BBC

    At a screening Q&A for "The Final Problem" at the BFI last Thursday, Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss talked about Lestrade and Sherlock's relationship.

    Eamonn M. Mccormack / Getty Images

    Mark Gatiss: "It doesn't matter to him and if he knows he doesn't need to. But then as you see at the end, he does remember."

    Steven Moffat: "And he does like to play games with people a little bit and he keeps people at a distance... so when it really mattered, he remembers his name." 

    Lestrade and Sherlock. The true Sherlock couple. ❤️

    Hartswood Films / BBC

    You heard me.

    Update: As Liv1204 points out below, Lestrade said this about Sherlock in the very first episode of the show.

    Hartswood Films / BBC

    At the end of last night's episode, he said this.

    Hartswood Films / BBC

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