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This BBC News Anchor Has Issued A Powerful Message To The Paris Attackers

"In 1,000 years time Paris, that glorious City of Lights, will still be shining bright. As will every other city like it while you will be dust, along with the rag bag of fascists, Nazis, and Stalinists that have previously dared to challenge our democracy and failed.”

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At the start of BBC's This Week on Thursday night, Andrew Neil said this message for the Paris attackers.

A message for the Paris attackers from @afneil as he opens the show... #bbctw

There has been a lot of reaction to it on social media.

One of the greatest openings to a British current affairs program of all time there from Andrew Neil.

@bbcthisweek @afneil thank you Andrew for this excellent monologue - from the heart


@bbcthisweek @afneil I wish you'd said "Ignorant Scumbags" instead of "Islamist Scumbags"... Seems inappropriate for other muslims.

@drumandbidness @bbcthisweek @afneil Islamism does not mean 'Islam', it's an ideology. Many Muslims are anti-Islamist.

For a sneak preview of whatever Andrew Neil will be saying next week, just watch John Oliver this week.

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