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    22 Characters Under Threat Now That Harry Shearer Has Left "The Simpsons"

    Harry Shearer has announced on Twitter that he has left The Simpsons, but showrunner Al Jean says that "we do not plan to kill off any characters." Trying to replace the voices of all of these characters will not be an easy thing to do though.

    1. Mr Burns

    2. Mr Snrub

    3. Waylon Smithers Jr

    4. Jasper Beardly

    5. McBain/Rainier Wolfcastle

    6. Lenny

    7. Julius Hibbert

    8. Principal Skinner

    9. Kent Brockman

    10. Ned Flanders

    11. Scratchy

    12. Rev. Timothy Lovejoy

    13. God

    14. George Bush Sr

    15. Otto

    16. KBBL's Bill (on the right)

    17. Hitler

    18. Kang

    19. Judge Roy Snyder

    20. Eddie

    21. Dewey Largo

    22. And Sam

    Shearer's also voiced Herman Hermann, Bill Clinton, King Snorky, Mr Black, Count Fudge-ula, John Travolta, Bob Dole, George Cauldron, Admiral Man, Birch Barlow, Jebediah Springfield, and many, many others.