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An Important Ranking Of The Duvets You See In Every Episode Of "Geordie Shore"

Whenever there's a sex scene in this show all you see is a duvet, so it was time that we actually sat down and reviewed the duvets themselves.

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8. Scott's "Let's Cuddle With A Bird" Australian Duvet

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via Now TV

This duvet is a complete disappointment. Lumpy in places, too thin in others. There are creases all over the shop, and that's before we even evaluate the pillows. You only need one pillow each, not 14 decorative ones. Worse still, they're lumpy.

7. Arron's Waterbed (aka "The Shag Palace")

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via

Although the duvet does look well-sized and comfy, it is concerning that there does not appear to be any duvet covers or bottom sheet here. This really lets it down. Remember, the duvet covers are the gateway to a comfortable sleep. A shame.

6. Gaz's "Damage Will Be Done" Duvet

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via Now TV

This duvet is way too heavy, and as it is being shared by two people, there are likely to be issues with humidity. You won't want to spoil the enjoyment of sleeping by being forced to stick out your feet so you'll overheat. A low score here.


5. Holly and Gaz's Double Double-Bed Duvet

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via Now TV

It's OK if you have to place two double beds next to each other because of space, but you have to ensure that the duvets are heavy enough to ensure they don't end up making their way into the bed nearby, resulting in a clumpy mess. Needs work.

4. Arron and Marnie's Caravan Duvet (in Bangor)

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via Now TV

This duvet looks and feels as dated as the room, and at such a large size, seems to be taking too much space here. Sure, the purpose of a bedroom is to sleep, but you don't want it to be the only thing you see when you're in there. Remember that.

3. Charlotte's "Bouncing Skills Make Boy Cum" Duvet

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via Now TV

Unfortunately, a high-quality video of this duvet was not available for this piece, but what is clear is that not all the buttons are fastened at the bottom (it only takes a few minutes but makes all the difference) and the pillows could be thicker. Getting there.

2. Kyle's "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Icelandic Duvet

Geordie Shore / MTV / Via

This duvet looks very light. Sleeping in a light duvet depends on the room temperature. If it's warm, it feels like sleeping beneath a soothing marshmallow. If it's cold, it feels like sleeping underneath a T-shirt. A mixed blessing.

1. Scott's "Absolutely Fucking Mint" Bed Orgy Duvet / Via Now TV

The duvet is of the right thickness and matches the charming decor of the room. It also appears to be the right size, not overbearing, and is fitted snugly with a high duvet cover. There are ample pillows too. This is the standard we should aim for.

Thanks, Geordie Shore, for giving us the opportunity to debate different duvets when they show up on the screen, which is roughly every 20 minutes.