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13 Adam Hills Rants By On "The Last Leg" That Nailed It

It's essentially him saying "you're being a dick" over and over.

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3. When the topic of internet trolling and rape threats was discussed on the show.

Open Mic / Channel 4

He said: "It's not OK to threaten rape at women. It's not ok to do it. it's not OK to trivialise it and it's certainly not ok to tweet people about it. I can't believe it has to be said. Nobody ever said to me as a kid, I just always assumed it was the case.

"It's entirely possible that someone watching right now is going, 'You know what, I never knew that.'"


10. When Miley Cyrus performed at the VMAs.

Open Mic / Channel 4

"I don't find what Miley Cyrus did horrible and appalling.

"What I find horrible and appalling is that this dance move got more people talking than a chemical attack in Syria."