A UKIP Councillor Blamed The Weather On Gay Marriage - And The Internet Reacted Beautifully

    "There are warning of gays in Viking, Forties, Cromertie, South East Iceland and Bongo Bongo Land."

    So a UKIP councillor, David Silvester, wrote to the Henley Standard blaming gay marriage for Britain's recent stormy weather.

    So, predictibly @UKIPWeather was invented.

    EXTREME WEATHER WARNING! Tonight for the first time, just about half past ten. For the first time in history it's gonna start rainin' men

    The Twitter account has been really rather successful.

    After 12 tweets @ukipweather has had 32,760 RTs, 9,418 favorites & 67.8k followers. @ukip only has has 36.1k #humoursthebestpoliticalweapon

    There's even a UKIP Shipping Forecast.

    This has been done by the excellent Nicholas Pegg.

    But guys, homosexuals ARE controlling the weather.

    I just listened to a Cher song whilst moisturising and we lost Bideford to a Tsunami. SORRY EVERYONE. #ukipweather

    I've been informed that sunshower days are the product of bisexual weather control. Because we just don't know what we want. #ukipweather

    It pissed it down for most of the 3 hour drive back to Kent... Bloody gays! FFS ;-) #ukipweather

    Oh my god it's a bit breezy! Must be those gays at it again. #ukipweather

    Even Siri joined in.

    And in case you missed, heres this week's forecast.