A UKIP Councillor Blamed The Weather On Gay Marriage - And The Internet Reacted Beautifully

“There are warning of gays in Viking, Forties, Cromertie, South East Iceland and Bongo Bongo Land.”

1. So a UKIP councillor, David Silvester, wrote to the Henley Standard blaming gay marriage for Britain’s recent stormy weather.

UKIP then suspended him after he defied a request not to do further interviews.

2. So, predictibly @UKIPWeather was invented.

Twitter: @UkipWeather and Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

EXTREME WEATHER WARNING! Tonight for the first time, just about half past ten. For the first time in history it's gonna start rainin' men

— UkipWeather (@UkipWeather)

8. The Twitter account has been really rather successful.

After 12 tweets @ukipweather has had 32,760 RTs, 9,418 favorites & 67.8k followers. @ukip only has has 36.1k #humoursthebestpoliticalweapon

— David Prescott (@DavidPrescott)

9. There’s even a UKIP Shipping Forecast.

View this embed ›

This has been done by the excellent Nicholas Pegg.

10. But guys, homosexuals ARE controlling the weather.

I just listened to a Cher song whilst moisturising and we lost Bideford to a Tsunami. SORRY EVERYONE. #ukipweather

— Stephen Brown (@StephenBrownGPP)

I've been informed that sunshower days are the product of bisexual weather control. Because we just don't know what we want. #ukipweather

— Laura (@gryffindor)

It pissed it down for most of the 3 hour drive back to Kent... Bloody gays! FFS ;-) #ukipweather

— Lee W Dalgleish (@Hotdesigner)

Oh my god it's a bit breezy! Must be those gays at it again. #ukipweather

— Will Merry (@Will_MerryEsq)

15. And in case you missed, heres this week’s forecast.

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