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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    A Topless Woman Awkwardly Videobombed "The Xtra Factor"

    This is why you don't take interview questions via Skype.

    There's a segment onThe Xtra Factor during which viewers can submit questions to celebrities live via Skype.

    ITV / Syco Entertainment /
    ITV / Syco Entertainment /

    Last night Dermot O'Leary was answering questions.

    ITV / Syco Entertainment / Via

    And then this happened.

    Syco Entertainment / ITV / / Via

    Why is someone topless in the background??

    ITV / Syco Entertainment / Via

    To his credit, Dermot handled the situation very well. / Syco Entertainment / ITV / Via

    "You have to forgive me you sort of broke up there. Can we go back to Lara?"

    Don't worry, topless woman, nobody noticed.

    Twitter: @search

    Well, not many people, anyway.

    Many thanks to for spotting this.

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