A Surprising Number Of Londoners Think The Tube Strike Is Just Like The Blitz

Yes that’s right, walking to work IS just like the destruction of London by bombs.

1. Some Londoners aren’t coping with the tube strike.

Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images and Twitter: @sharleneugly

The bus was so packed that a lady fell over and accidentally kissed me. If you are that lady...How you doing? #tubestrike

— Spencer Scheinert (@s_scheinert)

Traffic's been crawling for over an hour, I'm on the verge of wetting myself for the first time since I was a kid. Suit's going to be ruined

— lee minutes (@leem111)

8. According to some people the strike feels just like bombing of London during World War II.

A bit of blitz spirit in London today, with the tube strike.

— Hometown London (@hometownlondon)

#tubestrike my arse, I had a dream commute to the office and I came all the way from Manhattan via Balham. #BlitzSpirit

— David Walker (@david_a_walker)

On a packed bus to work. We're all singing Vera Lynn songs and invoking the spirit of The Blitz and reminiscing about The Olympics.

— Richard (@richardfscott)

Seeing the great & the gormless marauding London tonight,let's all hope one of the channel islands doesn't decide to invade! #blitzspirit

— DStuart (@DrStu2012)

TFL have told slight porkies about limited service on Bakerloo! So I've embraced the Blitz spirit and caught a bus-no idea where it's going!

— Paul Godfrey (@Godderstwit)

Scoped out the bus situation: the situation is that I am having another pint. #blitzspirit

— Ed Jefferson (@edjeff)

14. It’s just like WWII. THE BLITZ SPIRIT IS HERE!

Mark Mainz / Getty Images and Twitter: @harrumble and
INSAGO / Shutterstock and Twitter: @bogeyno2

16. These buses are back. IT IS JUST LIKE THE BLITZ.

Here's an unexpected bonus. Routemasters are back! #blitzspirit

— jane savage (@janiekettles)


— Tara O'Malley (@T_L_OMalley)
Graeme Robertson/Staff and Twitter: @tomholder

20. You didn’t even need the bus to experience The Blitz.

Twitter: @danhinchliffe / Via defotoberg / Shutterstock
Stefan Schurr / Shutterstock and Twitter: @Chattervix

22. Just to remind you guys, The Blitz looked like this.

Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
William Vanderson / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
Keystone / Stringer Collection / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
Fred Morley / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Maybe we’re all exaggerating. Just a bit. Just a little, little bit.

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Scott Bryan is the TV editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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