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A Student Spent Three Months Dancing Across China To A Bruno Mars Song

Trust me on this. This guy has got moves. This guy has really got moves.

This is Jake Gaba. He decided to dance across China for three months whilst he was studying there.

And he has got moves. He has really got moves.

Trust me on this. Watch it.

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I mean at first you might think that this is a a rip-off of that "Where the Hell is Matt" dancing guy.

But this video is still pretty damn special.

Why? Well you get to see many parts of China that until now you never knew existed.

The video includes Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, Xi'An, Lhasa, Yangshuo and Feng Huang. Been to them before? Probably not. Want to go there now? Yeah you do.

And it's just him doing this, so there's sweet moments like the time that his camera got accidentally knocked over by somebody else.