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    A "Black Mirror" Easter Egg On Netflix Suggests A Film-Length Episode Is Out Soon

    Just search for Bandersnatch.

    If you search for "Bandersnatch" on Netflix right now, you will see this: A Netflix Film: Black Mirror Bandersnatch.


    There has been speculation that the fifth season of Black Mirror, or at least a standalone episode, will drop before the end of 2018.

    Remember: The fourth season dropped on Dec. 29 last year.

    What is unclear is whether this apparent "Netflix film" will be separate from the fifth season or whether it has something to do with reports of a "choose your own adventure" episode.


    If you look at the image on Netflix, it is next to stills of other notable Black Mirror episodes.

    According to a Twitter feed that tracks what is added and taken off Netflix in the UK, the Bandersnatch listing has been visible for a few days but not many people have noticed it until now.

    @digitalspy You say it was originally reported by @EsquireUK... We reported it the day before on the 18th:

    Then there's the word "Bandersnatch." Many people on Twitter have been sharing their own theories on what the title means and what the episode will entail.

    Turns out there was an ill-fated game named ‘Bandersnatch’ developed by a UK studio back in 1984, which is the year ‘Bandersnatch’ the Black Mirror episode takes place (we know this because a set photo shows Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’ at #1 on the charts in a record store).

    This is quite the mystery: I am of course keeping an eye on this and if there are any updates I will keep you updated.


    Representatives for Netflix declined to comment. The show's creator Charlie Brooker has been contacted for comment.

    H/T @EsquireUK

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