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    A Comedian Submitted A Joke Application To "The Apprentice" And Got Through To The Auditions

    Phil Lucas said in his application: “I don’t give a rat’s arse about the corporate world and have no desire to go into business with Alan Sugar.”

    Comedian Phil Lucas, from Hove, applied to be a candidate for the next series of The Apprentice but submitted many inappropriate answers.

    Phil Lucas / Twitter: @PhilLucas

    In answer to a question on what makes him a different, he said "I once got bitten by a pig on top of a nuclear bunker"; asked what the most impressive thing in business he'd ever done was, he said, "I once directed Jayne Middlemiss to the musical DVD section."

    Lucas told BuzzFeed News: "I always thought it would be really good to have someone in [The Apprentice] who doesn't really like the corporate world or that kind of life." He said he submitted the application one night when he was bored.

    "Everything I wrote in that application is true, but I thought it would be good to write one as me, who would be the last person they would ever have."

    A month later he received an email from Boundless Productions, which makes the show, saying he had made it into the auditions.

    Phill Lucas / Twitter: @PhilLucas

    "I got that email from them and I was like 'WHAT? I've got an audition? Based from that?'" Lucas said. "I thought that was really weird. They may well give auditions to everybody who applies – I won't be surprised if that was the case."

    He tweeted screenshots of his application and the audition email, garnering hundreds of retweets. Boundless Productions, asked about the authenticity of the application, told BuzzFeed News: "We don’t comment on any individual applications so cannot confirm either way."

    Lucas said he doesn't intend to attend the audition, so he sent The Apprentice this email.

    Phil Lucas / Twitter: @PhilLucas

    It includes the line: "I am unable to make the audition on the 8th February as I'm going to Bristol to look at a bridge."

    Lucas told BuzzFeed News that this was true: "In fact I genuinely can't as I am going to Bristol on Sunday."