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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    A Customer Was So Angry At Their Local Tesco They Set Up A Tumblr About It

    And everything is written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

    In this age what is the best way to complain? A letter? A tweet? Nah. How about making a Tumblr?

    This Tumblr documents everything that they feel is wrong with their local store. It has many photos...

    Photos with commentary attached... IN CAPITALS.

    And when I say capitals... I MEAN CAPITALS.

    This isn't just a complaint letter. It's a novel.

    A really intense novel.

    You feel for their pain.

    You get a bit worried for them...

    Especially as it was all written on the same day.

    But all the same, it's so engrossing. Check it out at:

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