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    18 Shops That Have Gone Into Administration Since 2007

    Since the start of the recession the high street has taken a battering.

    Blockbuster fell into administration for the second time last week, risking 264 stores and the employment of more than 2000 members of staff.

    1. Well, Woolworths obviously.

    2. Comet also closed, remember?

    3. Land of Leather has gone.

    4. Borders has also folded.

    5. JJB Sports? Bye bye.

    6. Zavvi has gone.

    7. HMV nearly went under.

    8. MFI went under.

    9. Jessops went in adminstration earlier this year but it has since been rescued.

    10. Julian Graves has gone under.

    11. Focus DIY? Kaput.

    12. Habitat? Not many left.

    13. Threshers has gone dry.

    14. Dreams has had a rough ride.

    15. Clinton Cards nearly folded.

    16. Peacocks has nearly disappeared.

    17. And Past Times? It's now a thing of the past.

    18. Update (11/11/2013) - Shoe shop Barratts has also gone into administration.

    No wonder the high street looks like this.