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    18 Shops That Have Gone Into Administration Since 2007

    Since the start of the recession the high street has taken a battering.

    Blockbuster fell into administration for the second time last week, risking 264 stores and the employment of more than 2000 members of staff.

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    And when you think about it, there's been quite a trend of shops facing difficulty recently. How many others have fallen into administration since the start of the recession in 2007?

    1. Well, Woolworths obviously.

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    807 stores closed and more than 27,000 people lost their jobs when the shop was liquidated at the start of 2009.

    2. Comet also closed, remember?

    Neil Hall / Reuters

    Comet went into administration late last year. 6,500 employees were made redundant and 45 stores were then closed.

    3. Land of Leather has gone.

    More than 3000 jobs were axed when the store fell under in 2009.

    4. Borders has also folded.

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    Its 45 stores closed in 2009 and 1,150 people lost their jobs just before Christmas.

    5. JJB Sports? Bye bye.

    David Moir / Reuters

    2,200 people lost their jobs when JJB Sports folded in September 2012. 180 stores closed and 20 of them were turned into Sports Direct.

    6. Zavvi has gone.

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    Zavvi was at one time was Virgin Megastores. It fell into administration in December 2008, causing 3,300 job losses and 125 stores to close. Zavvi now runs as a website.

    7. HMV nearly went under.

    4,350 UK employees were at the risk of redundancy when the store fell into administration last January. 141 stores and 2,500 jobs were later saved.

    8. MFI went under.

    1200 jobs were lost and 111 stores closed when the company entered administration in 2011. It now operates as an online-only business.

    9. Jessops went in adminstration earlier this year but it has since been rescued.

    Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

    187 stores closed and 1,370 people lost their jobs in January 2013 when the shop chain entered administration. The chain was bought by that Dragon's Den bloke Peter Jones and 31 stores have since reopened.

    10. Julian Graves has gone under.!image/3010698737.jpg_gen

    755 employees had to find other work when all 189 stores closed.

    11. Focus DIY? Kaput.

    Focus DIY folded in May 2011, resulting in 3000 job losses and 178 stores closing.

    12. Habitat? Not many left.

    Nearly 1000 people lost their jobs when the retailer struggled at the end of 2009. Since then the store has been absorbed into Homebase and Argos stores.

    13. Threshers has gone dry.

    The bargain drink retailer fell under in 2009. 2,140 jobs lost. 391 stores closed.

    14. Dreams has had a rough ride.

    Rui Vieira/PA

    The bed superstore went into administration in March of this year, threatening 1600 jobs. However an investment company bought the chain one day later, resulting in only 95 stores closing.

    15. Clinton Cards nearly folded.

    350 branches of Clintons closed when the shop entered administration in May 2012. The other 400 stores were bought out and are still trading.

    16. Peacocks has nearly disappeared.

    There were 3,100 immediate job losses when the shop was sold to the Edinburgh Woolen Mill after the shop fell into administration in 2012. 224 shops are still open.

    17. And Past Times? It's now a thing of the past.

    It all happened in 2012. 507 people were made redundant.

    18. Update (11/11/2013) - Shoe shop Barratts has also gone into administration.

    It's the third time that this has happened to the shop in five years. 1000 jobs are currently at risk.

    No wonder the high street looks like this.

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