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18 Shops That Have Gone Into Administration Since 2007

Since the start of the recession the high street has taken a battering.

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Blockbuster fell into administration for the second time last week, risking 264 stores and the employment of more than 2000 members of staff.

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And when you think about it, there's been quite a trend of shops facing difficulty recently. How many others have fallen into administration since the start of the recession in 2007?


9. Jessops went in adminstration earlier this year but it has since been rescued.

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187 stores closed and 1,370 people lost their jobs in January 2013 when the shop chain entered administration. The chain was bought by that Dragon's Den bloke Peter Jones and 31 stores have since reopened.


14. Dreams has had a rough ride.

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The bed superstore went into administration in March of this year, threatening 1600 jobs. However an investment company bought the chain one day later, resulting in only 95 stores closing.