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    26 Situations Only People Who Compete In Triathlons Will Understand

    "How the hell do I take this wetsuit off whilst running?"

    1. Why enter a triathlon? You wanted a challenge.

    NBC / 30 Rock / Broadway Video / Little Stranger, Inc.

    2. Or you were absolutely wasted. You were at a computer. And then your credit card number slipped.

    Purestock / Thinkstock

    And your address slipped. And your three numbers at the back of your credit card slipped. And the fact that you forgot to cancel, you told all of your friends and you made your parents sponsor you on a Just Giving page slipped. IT ALL SLIPPED.

    3. It doesn't matter. Triathlons don't look that difficult.

    Alex Broadway / Stringer
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    4. Closer to the event, friends give you some support.

    Visivastudio / Shutterstock

    5. You then contact your parents for some support.

    Jeroen van den Broek / Shutterstock

    Your response: "But I've been to the gym three times in the past five days!"

    6. But she knows the truth.

    Jeroen van den Broek / Shutterstock
    Jeroen van den Broek / Shutterstock

    7. Don't worry, your confidence hasn't been knocked.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Nope, your confidence is riding high.

    8. I mean, it's not like you're not doing an ironman triathlon. Their distances are frankly nuts.

    This is not accurate. Ironman triathlons are actually longer.

    9. You also hear this question a lot.

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    "Running, swimming and cycling is an odd thing to do in the same event. It's like mixing rugby sevens, badminton and pigeon shooting all at the same time. I think that they should separate the events because blah blah blah blah...."

    10. If you're skinny, some people tell you that you wouldn't be able to survive such a physically demanding sport.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    When the Brownlee brothers are just as skinny as you are.

    Handout / Getty Images

    Look at them. The people they beat each time are built like TANKS.

    <3 Yorkshire.

    11. And you've put yourself on to a proper good diet, so a lot of your meals end up looking like this.

    12. You tell your friend how confident you now are. You still get this in response.

    iStock / Shutterstock


    13. But now your moment is here. You look wonderful.

    Steve Bardens / Getty Images

    14. And boom, you're getting punched in the face.

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    Or you are punching someone else in the face.

    15. This is all you can see right now.

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    16. None of your friends or family watching right now can tell which one you are so they are assuming the worst :/

    Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

    Their prophecy is coming true.

    17. Before now you've been training in swimming pools, and now you're in the middle of a giant lake. That's not scary.

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    At least you've got this amazingly huge thing to hug.

    Hugo Philpot/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Hold me.

    18. Coming out of the sea or lake isn't unflattering.

    Richard Heathcote / Getty Images
    Hannah Peters / Getty Staff

    You DON'T look like a 1960's Doctor Who monster that is about to kill everybody.

    19. Running whilst talking your wetsuit off isn't difficult.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    It starts with you swinging your arm behind your back trying to find the thing to undo your zip. It ends up with you tripping over the arms of your wetsuit whilst you are pulling down your trousers, hoping that your pants aren't coming down with them.

    20. It is much easier if you have a friend to help you.

    21. The transition to your bike... isn't confusing.

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    It's probably not a good idea to nick someone else's bike. They won't like that.

    22. Then, it's time to cycle. You've got laps to do but for some reason it is difficult to count up to the number...

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    23. And then it's time to transition from the bike to the running, and because you're using a whole new set of muscles your legs now feel like this.

    DrivinginmyKAR /
    John-Sebastian Eden /

    "All that training", you think to yourselves. "And it still feels like I am running on a bouncy castle."

    24. And seeing where you just were a few moments before absolutely kills you.

    BBC Commonwealth Games /

    This is not as bad as seeing the people who have already lapped you, even though you didn't think that you would be able to beat them anyway.

    25. You approach the finish. You are in a hell of a lot of pain, and you aren't first, but you still really want to do this.

    Julian Finney / Getty Images
    Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images Stringer
    Alex Broadway / StringerCollection / Getty Images

    "Yay I won."

    26. And your legs for the rest of time? At this angle.

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