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26 Situations Only People Who Compete In Triathlons Will Understand

"How the hell do I take this wetsuit off whilst running?"

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2. Or you were absolutely wasted. You were at a computer. And then your credit card number slipped.

And your address slipped. And your three numbers at the back of your credit card slipped. And the fact that you forgot to cancel, you told all of your friends and you made your parents sponsor you on a Just Giving page slipped. IT ALL SLIPPED.


9. You also hear this question a lot.

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"Running, swimming and cycling is an odd thing to do in the same event. It's like mixing rugby sevens, badminton and pigeon shooting all at the same time. I think that they should separate the events because blah blah blah blah...."


11. And you've put yourself on to a proper good diet, so a lot of your meals end up looking like this. / Via

You've also cancelled attending every single social event for the next month so you can concentrate on getting as fit as possible.


19. Running whilst talking your wetsuit off isn't difficult.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

It starts with you swinging your arm behind your back trying to find the thing to undo your zip. It ends up with you tripping over the arms of your wetsuit whilst you are pulling down your trousers, hoping that your pants aren't coming down with them.

20. It is much easier if you have a friend to help you.

23. And then it's time to transition from the bike to the running, and because you're using a whole new set of muscles your legs now feel like this.

"All that training", you think to yourselves. "And it still feels like I am running on a bouncy castle."

24. And seeing where you just were a few moments before absolutely kills you.

BBC Commonwealth Games /

This is not as bad as seeing the people who have already lapped you, even though you didn't think that you would be able to beat them anyway.


26. And your legs for the rest of time? At this angle.

Calls office: "Hello. Can I take today off? I don't think I can walk."