26 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With JacksGap

Britain’s most creative, charming and good looking YouTube duo.

This is JacksGap, one of the most popular YouTubers out there.

1. Who are they? Well this is Jack.

3. That’s right, they’re twins.

4. They have nearly three million subscribers on YouTube for their creative, quirky videos.

5. Why are they so popular? Well in one of their videos they turned their bedroom into a giant ball pit.

6. There’s also a video consisting of Jack shopping in Sainsbury’s, whilst on a unicycle.

7. They also once did a test to see how telepathic they are as twins.

8. And there’s videos consisting of them trying on stuff that their fans send in to them.

9. They’re also basically models.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images


10. And they’re amazingly charitable too.

They recently raised $125,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can donate here.

But this makes me wonder…

Even though fans joke that Finn is the better one…

Which one really IS the better twin?



11. Well, Jack is a very good skateboarder…

12. He can surf down streets really well.

13. But then again Finn can somehow manage to pull this look off.

15. But then again he can take a selfie whilst dangling out the side of a tuk tuk in rural India, like a pro…

16. What has Finn got? THAT LAUGH.

17. But on the other hand, Jack is one fashionable chap.

18. Wait, just wait. Finn has got balloons and some cake, just for you.

19. Meanwhile, Jack would be a good kisser…

20. But Finn would you give you some good eyesex.

Is it just me or has it got suddenly quite hot in here?

21. Jack has got a big camera lens…

Don't panic... I got the lens. This thing is bloody huge!

— Jack Harries (@JacksGap)

Jack Harries


Don’t panic… I got the lens. This thing is bloody huge!

/ Via

22. Oh and he has big feet…. I’m just saying.

23. But Finn can seductively eat a banana…

24. … which resulted in #bananaslut trending.

#bananaslut is now trending across the world thanks to you awesome people. That has made my day! #brilliant

— Finn Harries (@FinnHarries)

Finn Harries


#bananaslut is now trending across the world thanks to you awesome people. That has made my day! #brilliant

/ Via


25. I mean, c’mon now…

26. They’re both perfect.

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