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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    22 Ridiculously Posh Moments From "Posh People: Inside Tatler"

    The BBC Two documentary took viewers behind-the-scenes at Britain's most aristocratic magazine.

    1. When the Tatler team had a features meeting and one of the journalists told everyone in the room this. / Garden Productions

    2. But it was followed by this shock annoucement. Garden Productions

    3. When they talked about this feature in a forthcoming issue like this: "How a Whippet has replaced the Pug as the chic dog du jour." / Garden Productions

    4. When they talked about a stuffed polar bear: "Have you seen my polar bear? He's called Bi-Polar?" / Garden Productions


    5. Then there was this person's name. Garden Productions

    6. When Tatler Editor Kate Readon admitted this. / Garden Productions

    7. Matthew's answer when he was asked: "Are you posh?" / Garden Productions

    "No, technically not. I'm half foreign and half intelligentsia. My father is a doctor, my mother is a teacher, so in a way you couldn't get more of a middle class background."

    8. Every single new journalist is given Debrett's Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners by the Editor. / Garden Productions

    And what tips and tricks should we all take up?

    9. In contained useful information like this. / Garden Productions

    Sure, OK.

    10. And this. / Garden Productions

    We've all failed there.

    11. This was the Editor's favourite tip. / Garden Productions


    12. The documentary featured these posh photos. / Garden Productions

    So posh.

    13. This posh house. / Garden Productions

    SO POSH.

    14. And just when you felt poor compared to all of their lives, they went to Poundland. / Garden Productions

    15. And the Style Editor was all like this. / Garden Productions

    16. She then said this. / Garden Productions

    17. She was fascinated by everything. / Garden Productions / Via

    (Press the unmute button to hear the sound in that clip).

    18. Another posh moment? When they said that a Corgi with a crown on was one of the most popular Tatler issues ever. / Garden Productions

    In fact every issue cover is rather posh. Here is a feature on the recent issue of the magazine. / Garden Productions

    19. Also when Tatler threw a fancy dress party where people had to come dressed up as a painting. Garden Productions

    20. This bloke based his outfit on a Gainsborough painting. / Garden Productions

    21. One guy at the party looked like this. / Garden Productions

    22. While other people looked like this. / Garden Productions

    This is so posh I want to scream.

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