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The 22 Stages Of Completing Your Finals

This includes falling asleep for many many many many, many hours.

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1. This is it. Your final week ever of assessments. You will never witness situations like this ever again.

this kid just laid down and fell asleep on the library floor. an admirable move tbh

Daddy DJ@bigpieceofcrap

this kid just laid down and fell asleep on the library floor. an admirable move tbh

3:54 PM - 12 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite


11. You can now enjoy this thing called "going outside".

Where there are "trees" and "birds" and "green grass".


12. There's also this thing called "fruit" and "veg".

Supot Suebwongsa / Shutterstock

No more sweets / whatever you find to eat in a panic the night before an essay is due. Eat them and your parents will no longer ring you concerned that you will die.


18. Before noticing that you might not have any more money. You are terrified of pressing both of these two buttons.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Why? Because you don't want to see your overdraft bank balance until 2034.


20. But after realising that you will no longer drink at the same pubs and clubs ever again, you will say "fuck it" and then continue to spend all your money anyway. and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Then one day you think to yourself: "I really don't want to go. I just don't."

21. You become wise and Oprah-like and start dishing out serious truth bombs to people in other years.

iStock / Photoshop and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

You want younger students not to make the same mistakes you did. You even tell a special chosen one where the best secret places to sit in the library are. Yes. Really.

You then think about that subject you have just taken. "All that stress, all that pain, all that knowledge. And now I am leaving. Just what have I got to look forward to?"


<3 Love you [insert your University name here]. I will never forget. <3. / Via