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    21 Ways To Tell You're An Adult Obsessive One Direction Fan

    Don't worry, this can be our little secret.

    No. You can't. You really can't. It's wrong. But. But. MmmmmmmmmmmmFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.......

    But don't worry, you have ways to have your 1D love undetected as an adult.

    1. You follow 1D on Twitter, and hope that nobody sees them in amongst the serious people you follow.

    2. You also favourite what they tweet secretly, because retweeting them would make your love obvious.

    3. And if you tweet them, you try to interject some intellectual conversation to make it seem as if they're just another person and nobody special.

    4. What else? You cheekily follow them on Instagram.

    5. And you have a Tumblr account. Why? Well to deffo not share moments like this under a pseudonym.

    6. You really want to go to a One Direction concert, but you get worried in case you end up looking like this.

    7. And if you do go, you're also worried about the amount of young girls screaming. You bring these.

    8. You also really wanted to see the One Direction film, but you can't be seen with people this age otherwise you'll look like a creep.

    Getty Images

    9. The film was out on the 29 August. So when do you end up seeing it not to arouse suspicion?

    10. And where do you end up sitting in the cinema?

    11. When you found out that Styles got a chest tattoo, you wondered whether you could pull one off too.

    12. You watch documentaries about obsessive teenage One Direction fans who stalk them in hotel rooms, and you secretly wish that you could be there.

    Channel 4 / Via

    13. You try to befriend someone who works for a newspaper, as a means to find out "insider gossip".

    Ollyy / Shutterstock

    14. You also thought it was awful that Harry Styles went out with someone as old as Caroline Flack, even though she is probably as old as you are.

    Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

    But your love is completely undetectable isn't it? Nobody knows that you're truly obsessive.

    Syco / Via

    15. I mean, everyone else in the store knows that you're only stopping here to look at these 1D gifts because you're "getting them for a friend," right?

    16. These magazines? You're flicking through them as you're getting a subscription for "your niece" obvs.

    17. And that excursion to swing by this? It's to buy gifts for your "mate's niece's bat mitzvah"... *cough*

    18. This present given to you at work? It's "ironic," of course. They know you hate One Direction.

    19. This mug at your desk too. Deeply ironic.

    20. One Direction as your desktop background? Also ironic. You really don't like them that much at all.

    21. The fact that you listen to them all the time at work? No one knows. No one knows. No one knows.


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