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    20 Reasons Why We All Really Love To Watch "Gogglebox"

    Yes, it includes the posh people getting considerably drunk every week.

    So there's this show called...

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox

    ... which has come from nowhere to become the biggest thing ever. The show just consists of people up and down the country watching and reviewing television programmes from their own sofa.

    But why is it just so good?

    1. They always sit on the same space on the sofa. / Via Channel 4

    And when I mean each and every week I MEAN EACH AND EVERY WEEK.

    2. Then there's the posh couple, who always do this.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via


    3. They seem to drink quite a bit of booze.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    4. Alcohol is literally the focus of everything.

    5. You also like this.

    Channel 4 /

    This too.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    6. And...

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    7. Don't forget that it's narrated by Craig Cash.

    Channel 4

    You know, that guy from The Royle Family! This means that a man from a show that is known for reviewing other shows, is now narrating a show where people watch other shows. SO META.

    8. Gogglebox is also brilliant because of the random things the viewers say. Like this during Doctor Who.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    9. And incredibly inappropriate things as well. Leon once said this to June at the end of a Star Wars film.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    10. And then there are these guys, who come out with inspiring responses to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Take this John Lewis advert for example.

    John Lewis / Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via and

    11. They can also be harsh. This is what they said about Reggie Yates whilst watching a gameshow on ITV2.

    Channel 4 / Via

    12. This is what he said about Nigel Farage.

    Channel 4 / Via

    13. On Nigella Lawson:

    Channel 4 / Via

    14. On Tess Daly (while watching Children in Need):

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    15. And sometimes they come out with something utterly baffling, like this exchange during a documentary about nightclub bouncers.

    Channel 4 / Via

    16. And they say stupid things too, like this girl's suggestion of what a UFO could be, during an episode of Shaun Ryder on UFOs

    Channel 4 / Via

    17. If they don't like a show, they just do this:

    Channel 4 / Via
    Gogglebox / Channel 4 / Via
    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    18. You literally can't live without them.

    I have now watched two hours of Mandela footage and tributes, but I won&#39;t know what I really think til I&#39;ve seen what they say on Gogglebox.

    Rufus Hound


    I have now watched two hours of Mandela footage and tributes, but I won't know what I really think til I've seen what they say on Gogglebox.

    / Via

    19. You even love this sticker on the TV screen.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

    You can make the word "shits" or "piss" with those letters by the way.

    20. But what is the BIGGEST reason why we watch? THEIR. RATHER. INCREDIBLE. LAUGH.

    Channel 4 / Gogglebox / Via

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