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20 Reasons Why Television For Teenagers In The '90s And '00s Was Just Perfect

Yes there were a lot fewer channels back then and we couldn't waste time on the internet, but boy was television back then a beauty.

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1. Why was TV back then the best? SM:TV Live OBVS. / SM:TV Live / Gallowgate / ITV / CD:UK / Gallowgate / ITV

Followed by CD:UK, which was Top of the Pops' hippy drunk uncle.

2. The Simpsons? They were on BBC 2.

Twitter: @SimpsonsQOTD The Simpsons / Gracie Films / FOX

6pm Mondays and Fridays. Apart from during Wimbledon when episodes were often delayed and then CANCELLED.

3. The Simpsons these days on C4? NOT AS GOOD. via The Simpsons / Grace Films / Fox

Please stop showing newer episodes. Just repeat until Season 13 forever. Thanks.

4. What was better than classic episodes of The Simpsons? TWO BACK-TO-BACK EPISODES.

The Simpsons / Grace Films / Fox via. Twitter: @SimpsonsQOTD
The Simpsons / Grace Films / Fox via. Twitter: @SimpsonsQOTD

5. Of course, what was better than The Simpsons being on BBC2 at 6pm? Neighbours being on BBC1 at 5.35pm. / Neighbours / FremantleMedia Australia / Ten Network / Neighbours / FremantleMedia Australia / Ten Network

The moment it moved to Channel 5? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry.

Remember the Neighbours plane crash episode?

Neighbours / FremantleMedia Australia
Neighbours / FremantleMedia Australia

It was the most exciting episode of Neighbours ever, even though the plane somehow took twenty minutes crash and it seemed to have landed into what looked like an indoor swimming pool.

6. Plus Dr Karl Kennedy always seemed to have a lot of time on his hands even though he was a Doctor. / Neighbours / FremantleMedia Australia

7. See back then BBC1 in the early evening was amazing. There was none of this Pointless lark.

Pointless /

8. Bringing it back to Friday nights, what show was directly after The Simpsons? Of course it was the most amazing... BBC Two / Robot Wars / Mentorn

9. The only show where you could watch a robot chicken being attacked by box armed with a knife. BBC Two / Robot Wars / Mentorn

10. If not, it was the Fresh Prince. Every single time you watch the opening titles you wonder why Will Smith... Fresh Prince of Bel Air / The Stuffed Dog Company / Quincy Jones Productions / NBC

11. And if Robot Wars and Fresh Prince weren't on...

Buffy / Mutant Enemy Productions / Sandollar Television Kuzui Entertainment / 20th Century Fox Television / 20th Television


12. BBC 2, you were awesome. Now it's all... / BBC Birmingham / Coast

13. But there was something better than that. BBC1 at 7.30pm on Fridays. Why? Because you got this brilliant delight...

Alastair Grant / AP/Press Association Images
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

No it wasn't Changing Rooms (RIP 1996-2004) or the BBC's Holiday (RIP 1969-2007).

14. No, wrong time silly. It was THIS visual delight.

Remember the time when Travis had a food fight?

Remember when they relaunched the whole show, with a new presenter, Blazing Squad dancing and "all new" in the title?

Ethan Miller / Getty Images BBC / Top of the Pops

Not long after the show was bumped to BBC2 on Sundays and died a death. Oh well.

Friday night was your dream schedule.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

15. And of course there was your weekend music fix, which consisted of Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver bitching about everything. Eyeworks / Channel 4 / Eyeworks Eyeworks / Channel 4

16. If that didn't float your boat, why not watch a 400 hour Hollyoaks omnibus followed by people arguing half-naked on Shipwrecked.

T4 / Channel 4

The whole thing was sponsored by a car called Argo. You kept wondering... "who on earth could afford that expensive car?"

17. But was the best thing about TV when we were growing up compared to teenagers today? THIS.

BBC / Ceefax

BBC Ceefax between the hours of 5am and 6am when you were waiting for children's television to start.

18. Your favourite page? The UK Indices page. / BBC Ceefax

19. This map? B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

In fact, scratch this.You know what was the most beautiful thing about television before this decade?
BBC / Ceefax

In fact, scratch this.

You know what was the most beautiful thing about television before this decade?

20. The Spice Girls launching Channel 5.

Sunday March 30th. 1997. It was the day you were born.

I mean, that's if you actually got Channel 5.

Channel 5

If you didn't, you weren't a teenager. Official.