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20 Reasons Why Television For Teenagers In The '90s And '00s Was Just Perfect

Yes there were a lot fewer channels back then and we couldn't waste time on the internet, but boy was television back then a beauty.

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Remember the Neighbours plane crash episode?

It was the most exciting episode of Neighbours ever, even though the plane somehow took twenty minutes crash and it seemed to have landed into what looked like an indoor swimming pool.


13. But there was something better than that. BBC1 at 7.30pm on Fridays. Why? Because you got this brilliant delight...

No it wasn't Changing Rooms (RIP 1996-2004) or the BBC's Holiday (RIP 1969-2007).


16. If that didn't float your boat, why not watch a 400 hour Hollyoaks omnibus followed by people arguing half-naked on Shipwrecked.

The whole thing was sponsored by a car called Argo. You kept wondering... "who on earth could afford that expensive car?"