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20 Reasons Why Self-Service Checkouts Are Just The Worst

These robots that keep giving us receipts will kill us all.

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4. The 'Traffic Light Of Doom' will start flashing.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

A flustered shop assistant, who has already been dealing with a customer who has decided to bring through three trollies past the self-checkouts, spends six minutes correcting your error.

5. Bought something light? Great. It is too light for the scales to notice that it is there at all.

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It will NEVER notice that your item is there. The only way that the scales will notice that something is there is if one packet of chewing gum weighs about 100 kg or if you only buy 100 packets of Wrigleys Extra in one go.

And guess what happens when you press "call for help"?

6. The 'TRAFFIC LIGHT OF DOOM' will go off...

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

And the store assistant is unavailable, helping five other customers who are all currently encountering the same problem as you right now.




12. The till also likes to only deduct special offers at the end of your transaction, just before you pay.

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This means that you either go through most of the transaction constantly thinking "oh my god oh my god will it discount my Tesco value pasta sauce?" and it does...

... or you have to wave your arms and frustrate an already flustered store assistant about how this crime in humanity meant that you were shortchanged by £0.89.


16. And if you pay by card and you forget your pin, or you take out your debit card half a second before you technically should, the machine shouts out in front of the whole store...

19. The thing is, we shouldn't have to settle with the machines the whole time. There are often store assistants available on other tills. It takes no more time.


The more we use these self-checkout machines, there more machines there will be, which would mean less store assistants needed and more people unemployed.