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    20 Reasons Why Self-Service Checkouts Are Just The Worst

    These robots that keep giving us receipts will kill us all.

    This is the latest revolution in shopping...

    1. Because these tills save you so much time...

    2. Especially when the person in front of you has decided to forget about the "ten items or less" rule.

    3. You get to the checkout, but your item doesn't have a barcode. You have to find it on here now.

    4. The 'Traffic Light Of Doom' will start flashing.

    5. Bought something light? Great. It is too light for the scales to notice that it is there at all.

    6. The 'TRAFFIC LIGHT OF DOOM' will go off...

    7. Brought your own bag? Scales won't work? Won't scan?




    10. These announcements really make you feel relaxed.

    11. It's only after nine months of using them that you find the mute button (it's at the bottom btw).

    12. The till also likes to only deduct special offers at the end of your transaction, just before you pay.

    13. And if you're buying any alcohol? No problem at all.

    14. Would you like any of our promotional items?

    15. You get only a meagre amount of joy doing this.

    16. And if you pay by card and you forget your pin, or you take out your debit card half a second before you technically should, the machine shouts out in front of the whole store...

    17. And you ALWAYS get a receipt...

    18. ... as your wallet will end up looking like this.

    19. The thing is, we shouldn't have to settle with the machines the whole time. There are often store assistants available on other tills. It takes no more time.

    20. We know this. And what do you we use despite all of these deep frustrations? The self-service checkout.