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    18 Things You Will Miss If You're A Brit In America

    America you're an amazing country to live and to visit, but there's some stuff which would make us Brits head for the border immediately.

    1. Why would you miss the U.K.? Well look no further than chocolate. U.S. chocolate really sucks.

    2. Plus we like junk food, but you guys take it too far.

    3. We miss how close everything is. It takes NO TIME to drive from Land's End to John O'Groats.

    Want to drive across the US in one go? YOU'D DIE.

    She's right, you know.

    Fox / The Simpsons

    She really is.

    4. And it gets worse. When you travel across the U.S. all you only see this for hours and HOURS...

    5. Fancy a bite to eat on this journey? Bad news. They don't know how to do bacon properly.

    Our bacon? Juicy and smothered in layers of fat and grease and oh add some HP sauce why won't you it's so moist just get in me oh god.

    The U.S. only does streaky bacon and burns it.

    6. Speaking of food, the British milk-categorising system makes sense. Our milk tastes really good!

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    (Note to American readers: Britons don't always drink organic milk and we don't always lavishly serve it on hay.)

    So why do you Americans persist on something called 2%? And half-and-half? It's just tastes WRONG.

    7. What else doesn't the U.S. have? A ROAST DINNER nearly every Sunday (not just Thanksgiving).


    8. And don't even start on how Americans do tea. Why? Well if we do we will be here all week.

    9. And what goes well with tea? A newspaper to read. But reading a U.S. newspaper just make us miss our own newspapers at home.

    British front pages? Well they can be quite stunning...

    ...or stunning in what they choose to report.

    10. What else do us Brits miss? BRITISH PLUGS.

    Shutterstock / Innershadows Photography

    They just go in so easy. So smooooooooooth.

    American plugs are *shocking*. It's a mission to shove anything in and your voltage is weird.

    Shutterstock / Mike McDonald

    11. The U.S. also doesn't have anything as good as Boots.

    It's the best pharmacy in the world.

    Seriously, why do U.S. pharmacies sell cigarettes?


    And what's totally not suitable for a pharmacy?

    Melissa Trabbold


    alcohol in CVS. greatest ever

    / Via

    12. Oh and we've also got this.


    13. There's also tax. In the U.K. tax is already added before the till, so if it says it costs £1 IT IS £1.

    14. And then there's the BBC. Even though it's been tainted by recent scandals, you miss it. Nothing matches this public service broadcaster anywhere.


    Don't get me wrong... PBS is great, but they have to resort to constant annoying pledge drives :(

    15. We also miss how old everything is. The U.S. boasts that it is has old stuff that really isn't that old.

    But Britain has got stuff that is REALLY old.

    Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images


    Kieran Doherty / Reuters

    16. AND we don't have political ads every five minutes on television. And they're very heavily regulated.

    They end up mostly being dull Party Political Broadcasts that NOBODY WATCHES.

    17. And we don't have the crazy crazy Congress.

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    We just have totally unelectable lords instead, who all wear really really posh capes.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    18. But what makes a Brit miss home the most? DRINKING. IN A BRITISH PUB. ON A FRIDAY.


    Drinking on a Friday in the States? It's just not the same, is it?

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