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    17 Essential PR Lessons From Siobhan Sharpe Of "Twenty Twelve"

    "Totally. Yeah. Okay so the thing with this is. Okay. The thing is. Totally."

    1. Provide deep rich insight at all times.

    2. Don't come up with any meaningless phrases.

    3. Just keep it snappy and deliver the good noise.

    4. Don't waste client time with gibberish.

    5. Know all about the people you're dealing with.

    6. Give everyone your 130% attention.

    7. Know how to motivate a team towards *that* goal.

    8. Don't stop inspiring them. Just don't stop.

    9. Know digital like the back of your hand.

    10. You must know social like the back of your hand.

    11. Know every single hyperlinked digital space.

    12. Be a master at Twitter. Set the standard.

    13. One day you will come across *that* idea...

    14. Don't stop selling *that* message.

    15. Especially to those who don't care.

    16. Because you don't know where it will end up.

    Holy shet, we're in an actual dictionary guys... #jubilympics

    And then you've made it in PR.

    Let's celebrate this shet.... #jubolympissed

    Holy shet.

    Siobhan Sharpe is back in W1A.

    That's right, Twenty Twelve's got a sequel. Wednesday, 10pm on BBC 2.