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    16 Important Lessons "Queer Eye" Has Taught Us

    "I never want people to feel like they are not gay enough, or straight enough. It's so much more about what is in your heart."

    1. Queer Eye is not a conventional makeover show. It's jam-packed, full to the brim of advice, especially for your emotional well-being.

    2. Like when Karamo spoke this truth about how the walls we build between ourselves and other people don't achieve anything.

    3. When Tan talked about the value of taking the time to make yourself look good every single day.

    4. And when Tan talked about how looking good is also important to the people around you.

    5. Jonathan has pointed out that it is also important to look good if you are working from home.

    6. Oh, and another thing.

    7. Antoni has also made this good point about how cooking for one is actually just as meaningful as cooking for others.

    8. And then there's this lesson about confidence.

    9. When Tan talked about the difference between style and fashion.

    10. And when Jonathan said it is never too late.

    11. Then there's this point about not changing who you are.

    12. And if none of those worked, hopefully this will.

    13. When Karamo said this about vulnerability.

    14. It's not just the Fab Five who are good at advice. Here's something from Esther, Remy's mom.

    15. And here's Bobby when he talked about the prejudice and self-loathing he experienced when he was growing up, and how letting go of your past frees up your future.

    16. And finally, when he said this while gardening.