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15 Times The BBC Was Very, Very BBC

To celebrate W1A returning, here are some times when reality at the BBC was weirder than the show itself.

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1. When BBC One had just lost the rights to Bake Off only DAYS after redecorating its canteen.

We literally JUST redecorated the canteen at the BBC 😒 #GBBO

2. When a skateboarding dog crashed into the front door of BBC New Broadcasting House.

A skateboarding pug just crashed into the front doors @BBC 🐶😂


6. When someone stole a cheesecake in the BBC newsroom and someone else had a complete meltdown.


Then someone replaced the cheesecake anonymously.

Happy ending? Update on the newsroom cheesecake mystery

Only for that cheesecake to then be stolen.

A new twist in the BBC's #cheescakegate. The replacement for the stolen cheesecake has itself been stolen.

7. When filming for W1A was taking place at the BBC and they changed the floor numbers like this.

W1A filming returns to the BBC's Broadcasting House in the most unintentionally W1A way possible

8. When BBC Three unveiled a new logo that looked remarkably similar to the logo that W1A's Siobhan Sharpe designed when she decided to make the BBC logo look "app-y."

BBC Three / BBC Studios

John Morton, the writer of W1A, then told BuzzFeed: "Honestly it's not my fault. I always say you couldn't make it up but it turns out apparently you can after all."


14. When the BBC removed the clock from its website because it was based on your own computer's clock, so it might have have been inaccurate.

15. And finally, the weird day I wasn't allowed to bring my Brompton folding bike for a screening of W1A at the BBC, a show that includes a running joke about people bringing Bromptons to the BBC.

Oh god. BBC security is not allowing me to bring my Brompton into the BBC for a W1A screening. A W1A SCREENING.


“Can you lock it up?” “No.” “Are you a BBC member of staff.” “No.” “Afraid you can’t bring it in.”

I am now taking my Brompton back to my work to store, which means I will miss the start of the episode. I love the…

God bless you, BBC. Long may you continue.