15 Times Rahul On "The Great British Bake Off" Was So Damn Pure

    "Oh my god, look! Pheasants! ... Two male pheasants."

    1. When he opened the show like this.

    2. When we learned why Rahul took up baking.

    3. When he took the time at the end of a signature challenge to personally compliment everyone else's.

    4. When he made this observation about pheasants.

    5. When he closed a fridge and walked away like this.

    6. When Rahul was complimented on how well he can bake, so he apologised.

    Paul: This is wonderful. Rahul: I'm so sorry. Paul: Really really good. Rahul: I can only apologise. Paul: *offers handshake* Rahul: FORGIVE ME #GBBO

    7. When he was so confident about his progress.

    8. When Sandi offered Rahul some friendly advice and Rahul very slowly shut it down.

    9. When he came out with this line of modesty that made you go, "Oh boy, I know where you are coming from, Rahul."

    10. When he did this when Paul and Prue turned up.

    11. When we saw him Skype his parents.

    12. Rahul's face when his Showstopper was being judged.

    13. And another time when his Showstopper was being judged and Rahul said this in response.

    14. When he won Star Baker for the first time...

    15. ...and when he won Star Baker the second time.

    Editor's note: This post will continue to be updated every time Rahul does something pure and wonderful.