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    13 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Simply The Worst

    It's creepy. It's corporate. And it's just weird.

    Back in the good old days when you hated your job and wanted a new one, all you needed was a CV and a bit of ambition...

    What else would you have used to go and get a job? That's right a sandwich board and some hope.

    You wouldn't hear back from anyone of course.

    But never fear. We're living in the future. LinkedIn is here! Getting that job is now SO much easier.

    1. Instead of quietly applying for jobs hoping that nobody notices, you now get to tweak your own CV publicly in front of everyone...

    2. ...including your current employer, who has no idea you're even looking for another job right now.

    3. It's a place where you're encouraged to endorse your contacts, even though you have no idea what it's like to work with most of them.

    4. A place where, for no reason, you constantly see invites from people you went to school with...

    5. ...and receive invites from people you're pretty sure you've never ever met and never will.

    6. And guess what? You get to see exactly who has stalked your profile for absolutely no reason.

    7. And even worse, you can tell that someone has visited your page but they don't tell you who exactly they are.

    8. LinkedIn will never ever ever email you.

    9. Or tell you that there's this little paid service you should try called 'LinkedIn Premium'.

    10. Or bombard you with updates by people more successful than you by email or on their homepage.

    11. Or send you links to articles that make you feel inadequate about the status of your career.

    12. Or make you envious of other people's careers and encourage you to secretly spy on their profile when you should be concentrating on yours.

    13. ...which causes you to then make your profile anonymous so when they look at who stalked their profile all they see is this.

    See? Getting that job isn't that hard these days is it?