13 Reasons Why “First Dates” Is The Most Awkward Show On TV Right Now

There’s a Channel 4 show where you get to see people going on their first dates with each other. This is a horrible, horrible, horrible mistake.

1. Why is it awkward? THE CHAT UP LINES.

2. No please. These lines aren’t very good.


You are trying to be all sweet but please NO.

5. Then there are the *bit* too confident guys.

He’s so into meeting the perfect girl.

6. Then there are the people who have brought a mate with them to the date, like these guys.

Just stay at home and eat for pizza and wait for him to bitch about it later, alright?

7. But it’s nowhere near as awkward as when both people on the date don’t arrive at the same time…

You think “oh god will they arrive? Have they been stood up? Oh god he’s engaging in chat with the person behind the bar as a way to make this less awkward.”


8. And then the person arrives at the entrance, standing around, waiting to be shown to their date.

9. The conversations can be awkward, like being asked whether you are a serial cheater minutes in.

10. Or bragging about how long you have sex for.

Her response to his brag there…


11. Being asked when your last relationship was is a bit awkward, especially when you stumble a bit.

When after the date she’s like…

12. But the most awkward bit of the whole show? They get the people on the date to sit down next to each other afterwards.

13. And they ask them whether they like each other.


Do you think you will each other again?


The guy on the left likes the girl on the right, but…


The guy on the right likes the guy on the left.

To which he responded…

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