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    13 Of The Weirdest Rush Hour Crushes From Metro

    Fancy someone but can't face asking them out in person? Why not send a slightly psychopathic letter to a newspaper that will be read by millions?

    You know Metro's Rush-Hour Crush, where people ask their crush out in a column read by millions instead of, you know, asking them out in person.

    Twitter: @Sohilla_x

    But don't you think that some of the crushes are a little bit.... well.... creepy?

    1. Like this one.

    Twitter: @Biltawulf

    No thanks.

    2. And this one. / Via Instagram: @nicgeachie

    No No No No No No No No No.

    3. The info at the bottom here isn't necessary.

    4. This one reads like a really bad sex novel.

    5. This double entendre at the end is unsettling.

    6. This one has just got problems all over the shop.

    7. This one could lead to an employment tribunal.

    Twitter: @dixie_dolores / Via


    8. This one made me a little bit sick in my mouth.

    9. This is just creepy.

    10. Pretty pretty pretty pretty CREEPY.

    11. But the creepiest one ever? THIS.

    12. Oh btw, this apology won't get you a nice date.

    13. Neither will this one.

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