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12 Ways You're Completely Wrong About The Desert

You may think you know the desert. But you're probably wrong.

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1. There's *actually* water here.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

Between the Salt River, Verde River, Saguaro Lake, Bartlettt Lake, Lake Pleasant, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and Roosevelt Lake, there's definitely no shortage of water adventures to be had!

4. Plenty of things actually do grow.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

The desert isn't as harsh as it may seem. In fact, there are healing properties found in many desert plants that are widely used as part of local spa treatments.

5. There's an incredible local food scene.

Al Payne / Via Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

Like, really incredible. Scottsdale was actually named the number-two "foodie city" in the nation in 2014. You can definitely cheers to that!

6. It isn't scorching hot year-round.


The desert can be very mild. In fact, Scottsdale boasts a pleasant average temperature of 72 degrees year-round -- which some might call...perfect. Not gonna argue with that.

7. There aren't dangerous animals everywhere you turn.


Sure, there are coyotes and snakes, but you'll most likely never encounter them. The only critters you'll probably see are cute, harmless lizards.

8. It's not just sand.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

So you know by now that plenty of things grow in the desert, but did you know that there's actually very little sand? That's right -- the desert is actually mostly rock, gravel, and clay.

9. The desert isn't just for retired people.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

With so much to do, see, and taste, the desert isn't just a place where older folks go to live out their golden years.

The desert is so much more than you imagined! Visit Scottsdale this winter and experience the magic of the desert for yourself.