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12 Ways You're Completely Wrong About The Desert

You may think you know the desert. But you're probably wrong.

1. There's *actually* water here.

2. It's far from drab.

3. It's not just some barren wasteland.

4. Plenty of things actually do grow.

5. There's an incredible local food scene.

6. It isn't scorching hot year-round.

7. There aren't dangerous animals everywhere you turn.

8. It's not just sand.

9. The desert isn't just for retired people.

10. You can't fry an egg on the sidewalk.

11. You can't just cut open any cactus and drink the water.

12. The desert actually gets rain.

The desert is so much more than you imagined! Visit Scottsdale this winter and experience the magic of the desert for yourself.