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13 Reasons Why A Scottsdale Winter Is Better Than Yours

Winter is rough. But not in Scottsdale, baby!

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1. Well, for starters, the weather is pretty much perfect.

Instagram: @scottsdalecvb

In Scottsdale, the average winter temperature is 72 degrees. And sunny.

4. Spring training!

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

Every March since 1947, baseball teams from the majors descend on Scottsdale for spring training. It's an amazing experience, even for the most casual baseball fans.

5. There's a full-on marathon.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon "runs" (get it?) January 16–17 and features a 5k, 10k, and even a kid's race in addition to the full and half marathons.

6. Morning swims in heated pools.

Instagram: @scottsdalecvb

Oh baby. Oh look at that steam rising. Good morning indeed.

7. The Street Eats Food Truck Festival!

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

Live music, eating contests, cooking classes, bars, and of course delicious food from countless food trucks! On January 30 and 31, they take over an entire five acres in a giant celebration of food.

8. They've got a huge indoor collector car auction.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

Scottsdale is home to several collector car auctions, but one of the biggest is the Barrett-Jackson auction, going on January 23–31. Here you can see some of the rarest, most gorgeous automobiles ever built. Don't forget your checkbook!

10. Literally hundreds of gorgeous Arabian horses.

Courtesy of Scottsdale Visitors Bureau

Do you like horses? Who doesn't, right? From February 11–21, over 2,400 of the world's top breeders, trainers, and horses will compete in Scottsdale at the annual Arabian Horse Show.

You don't need to suffer through winter! Take a trip to Scottsdale and experience the winter you deserve.

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