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The 11 Best Redhead Gatherings Of 2013

A new trend is starting to take shape all over the world: The gingers are gathering. What could they possibly be plotting?

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1. The Redhead Days

The largest redhead gathering in the world takes place the first weekend in September in the Dutch city of Breda. The Readhead Days has been growing since 2005 and this year an estimated 5,000 redheads were in town at one point or another. One of the highlights is the group photo, which this year broke their own world record with 1,672 redheads. The Redhead Days is completely free to attend.

2. Irish Redhead Convention

The Irish Redhead Convention takes place at the end of August in Crosshaven, Ireland. It started as a birthday party for the brother of the founder, and has now grown into a major weekend event. They even crown a King and Queen each year. Over 2,500 people attended this year's convention, about half of whom were redheads. There is a red-gistration fee, but they use it to support the Irish Cancer Society. This year they donated €7,106 to the national charity.

3. Redhead Event

The Redhead Event started this year in Portland, Oregon as an attempt to break the world record for most redheads in a photo together. They had close to 1,600 but before their count was finalized The Redhead Days clocked in at 1,672. Maybe next year.

4. Edinbrugh Ginger Pride Walk

In August of this year, the first Ginger Pride Walk was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. About 250 redheads marched through the city. The brain child of Shawn Hitchins, a redheaded comic who was in town to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the parade was a huge success, and he hopes to continue it in the future.

5. Ginger Pride Walk in Rome, Georgia

Facebook: GingerPrideWalk

That's right, Rome, Georgia has had its own Ginger Pride Walk for three years now, held every March. Rome has a population of 36,303. What is your town's excuse for not having one?

7. The League of Extraordinary Redheads

Facebook: LeagueOfExtraordinaryRedheads

The League, based in Troy, NY, is self-described as a drinking club with plans for world domination. They get together every once in a while, with around 70 redheads taking part (plus enough supporters to have 150 on a night out.)

Please notice the agenda listed at the bottom of the photograph.

8. Gingerpalooza

In June of this year Austin, TX saw the first Gingerpalooza, a redheaded pub crawl that raised money for two charities close to every redhead's heart: skin cancer and bullying. About 250 people took part.

10. Rassemblement de vrais roux du Québec

I can't tell you anything about this one, because I don't speak French, but the wonderful people of Québec are getting in on the fun too. This gathering took place on May 4th of this year.

Being Ginger on tour

View this video on YouTube

And finally, my own creation. I made the documentary film Being Ginger, which received standing ovations at both The Redhead Days and The Irish Redhead Convention. Having been to four of the events listed above, and wanting to spread the love, I am taking my film on tour across the US and UK hoping redheads (and their fans) will come out to partake in the good times. For more information about upcoming screenings, click here.

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