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    The 11 Best Redhead Gatherings Of 2013

    A new trend is starting to take shape all over the world: The gingers are gathering. What could they possibly be plotting?

    1. The Redhead Days

    2. Irish Redhead Convention

    3. Redhead Event

    4. Edinbrugh Ginger Pride Walk

    5. Ginger Pride Walk in Rome, Georgia

    6. Redhead Day UK

    7. The League of Extraordinary Redheads

    8. Gingerpalooza

    9. Rossitalia

    10. Rassemblement de vrais roux du Québec

    11. Redhead Day Brazil

    Being Ginger on tour

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    And finally, my own creation. I made the documentary film Being Ginger, which received standing ovations at both The Redhead Days and The Irish Redhead Convention. Having been to four of the events listed above, and wanting to spread the love, I am taking my film on tour across the US and UK hoping redheads (and their fans) will come out to partake in the good times. For more information about upcoming screenings, click here.