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  • Be Good, Be Great, Or, At Least, Be Bad In Moderation (for MLK Jr.)

    On this weekend that represents the 50th anniversary of the most important march in North American civil rights history (something that has gone almost completely unnoticed on my FB feed, by the way; giving way to even Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use—which, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares?) lets take a minute, not to congratulate ourselves on where we’ve come; but, to acknowledge how far we have to go, as a generation. When I work with parents, I tell them there is no checklist for “good parenting”. This applies to anything else: spouse, child, representative, advocate, peaceful protestor ect. The mark of “goodness” in anything is that we are ten times better than our examples were—those that came before us—for it is their shoulders we stand atop. I’m sure It’s what they were hoping for. A hundred times better to be “great”. At a time (the very week in fact) when we are ignoring genocides around the world, a repeal of some of the very civil rights MLK gave his life for, and where suicide, homicide and incarceration rates for all minorities (and now legitimate journalists) takes a back-seat to our own convenient, comfortable, twitter call-outs, please don’t simply “like” this and move on. Consider it. Consider it and know that 50 years ago, not one man, but many, many people, went out of their way to do something great and brave and incredible. Then contemplate: What will I do to better that, ten fold? Let’s try to be good. Maybe even great. Or, at the very least, let’s be bad only in moderation. Okay.

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