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12 Reasons To Quit Adulting And Be A Kid Again

Ah, the laughter and simplicity of childhood... You can't go back, but if you remember the good times, maybe, for a moment, you can. It's worth a try, right?

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1. Snack Time / Via

A baggie of goldfish, two no-crust, triangle sandwiches, and a juice box— the food of the gods. You could make your own sandwiches and throw whatever you want into a plastic bag, but it just isn’t the same.

3. Unlimited Potential / Via

The future was bright and you could do anything… okay, maybe growing up to be a caterpillar wasn’t going to happen, but there was hope for basically everything else. It's never too late, but it is definitely harder.

5. Summer Vacation / Via

Guilt. Free. Time. Off. —Freedom— A time to spend exploring and living life to the fullest; don't you miss summer vacation? Vacations are still great, but work doesn't stop while you're away.

6. Best Friends / Via

Many of the best parts of your life growing up were the experiences you had with you friends. If you're like me, then you miss seeing them every day like you could back then. Call them if you can today.

7. McDonald’s Play Place… Slash Everything About Fast Food / Via

Nothing beat going to fast food restaurants as a kid! Now, You can go to McDonald’s whenever you want— even buy dozens of happy meals… but it may feel like you're hitting rock-bottom when devouring the second meal.

8. Hairlessness / Via

Not only did you not need to shower as often (do you remember when you didn't even know what deodorant was?), but there were no itchy beards, hairy legs, or eyebrows to manage. There’s always laser hair removal...

9. Getting Dirty

RaptorClaw / Via

Playing in mud puddles, grass, creeks, dirt, forests, or whatever else you could get into— you were outside and getting dirty on the daily. Dirt clods were more fun than should have been legal...

10. Free School / Via

No student debt. No tuition fees. No payments. Don't you miss where paying for class meant bringing 4 tennis balls, two Kleenex boxes, and a box of gallon-size Ziplocs on the first day? (Slash is that payment plan still available?).

11. Sleep Overs / Via

Staying up, watching movies or playing games and waking up to your friend’s mom making breakfast. Some of the best conversations about life and the universe were had laying on a pile of couch cushions and blankets looking up at the dark ceiling next to your friends.

12. Mom and Dad Watching Over

mystupidfinds/tumblr / Via

There was something reassuring to know that when something was wrong, broken, or hurting that your parents were just a few little steps away. No matter where they are now, don’t forget to thank them.

13. Thanks!

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite childhood memories? Comment with your favorite reasons to give up on adulting below! (and maybe we can all adult for one more day).

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