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This Woman Made A Robot To Help Her Apply Lipstick And It's Hilariously Bad

Does Kylie know about this yet?

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The future is here and self-application is no longer necessary thanks to Simone Giertz's incredible machine!

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Unless you need it to do a good job! In that case, the future is not here.

So convenient that you won't even have to look up from your tablet!

Simone Giertz / Via

Simone is responsible for other great robot friends, too! Like The Breakfast Machine!

Or this handy, not-at-all-horribly-dangerous, chopping machine!

Simone Giertz / Via

And for those who are just too busy in the morning, the toothbrush machine!

Simone Giertz / Via

The future is here!

Simone Giertz / Via

Thanks Simone!

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