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Astronaut Ice Cream Isn't A Thing And Your Childhood Is Ruined

Can I still keep my memory of being a kid and getting to eat what the astronauts eat?

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Vox put together this very informative video about the origins of astronaut ice cream.

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With plenty of old space travel clips, too!

Yes, they've just done us the disservice of explaining where astronaut ice cream most definitely is NOT from.

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Noooooo! My childhood.

The only sign of there POSSIBLY being astronaut ice cream in space was on Apollo 7, from this NASA press release and this 1968 newspaper clipping:

When Vox called the makers of the so-called ice cream, they didn't know if their product had ever gone into space or not!

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Then, they asked Walter Cunningham, IRL space man who was on Apollo 7, if the newspaper article was true. He gave a resounding "NO."

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OK, Walter, OK! Hopefully that ice cream-less time is well behind you now.

However, Mr. Cunningham did say that he had one item on him at all times that he cared a great deal about–bacon.

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*Sigh* I bet next they're going to tell us that BB-8 isn't a real robot that will be one day be my friend.

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