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This Kid Was Caught By A Crowd After Dangerously Dangling From A Ski Lift

Would it be inappropriate to say that I was at the edge of my seat watching this?

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In a very intense scenario, a child was precariously hanging from a ski lift for what appeared to be a while, but fortunately help arrived in time!

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Christopher J. Sakai / Via

This is terrifying! Somebody help!

Christopher J. Sakai / Via

Help trudges through the snow as onlookers, stuck in their own ski lifts, do the only thing that they can do–watch.

Christopher J. Sakai / Via

Aaaaagh just do it already!!!

The moment of truth...oof!

Christopher J. Sakai / Via

Child please never scare us like that again!

OK, now that I know this kid's ok, I'm re-watching.

View this video on YouTube / Via Christopher J. Sakai
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