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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    This Machine Full Of Marbles Makes Amazing Music

    They're really taking the concept of a music box to the next level.

    The artist and composer, Wintergatan, has built the incredible Wintergatan Music Machine, which is run by a crank and marbles. No electricity needed!

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    The music that's created from this is beautiful, and so are the details of this intricate machine. A simple crank gets everything going.

    Everything is in its right place as the machine and the song composition are basically the same thing.

    Even the name, Wintergatan Marble Machine, is a functioning part of the song!

    How many marbles does thing use?!? If there was one less or one more would the song sound different?

    Amazing work!!! Now here's where you drop the mic! Or smash your instrument like a rockstar? Or taking off your headphones and contentedly walking off stage is fine too, I suppose.