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    15 Funny Lines That Somehow Slipped Into A Scientific Journal

    You know every professor and grad student would do #14 if they knew they could get away with it.

    1. Ethology (2014)

    @davidjayharris / Via

    The article has since been updated. And yes, they did cite the crappy Gabor paper.

    2. Journal of Animal Ecology (1974)


    Because alphabetical ordering is for pansies.

    3. Molecular Ecology (2002)



    4. Evolutionary Theory (1973)


    "...and for contributing to my divorce and the collapse of my social life, thus freeing up my time to work on this publication."

    5. Trends in Cognitive Sciences (2013)


    Karla, you the real MVP.

    6. BMC Systems Biology (2011)


    Can we just say "magic?"

    7. Science China Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy (2014)


    Always double-check your acronyms, people.

    8. Conservation Biology (2014)


    You keep using that word "anonymous."

    9. Trends in Cognitive Sciences (2009)


    I expect to see this feel-good testimonial on Homeland Security's website any day now.

    10. American Sociological Review (2014)


    Not that that author was counting or anything...

    11. Physical Review E (2012)


    My new go-to response to every reviewer suggestion.

    12. Organometallics (2014)


    Way to blow it, Emma.

    13. Nature (1994)


    The author claims "pharmacological support" referred to some good coffee, but we know better.

    14. Proceedings, CoRoT Mission Pre-Launch Conference (2006)


    Next time, tell us how you really feel.

    15. Virology (2000)


    Didn't want anyone confusing her with Katie Sugarlips Brown from the other lab.

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