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11 Facts About Toilet Paper That You Actually Need To Know

We’ve come a loooooong way. And now there’s one more innovation: tube-free toilet paper! Get a coupon by taking the pledge against wasteful cardboard tubes with Scott Naturals®.

1. The first documented use of toilet paper comes from China in 6th-century AD.

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2. The use of paper for this purpose was criticized by a scholar-official.


3. The Romans used a sponge attached to a stick (and dipped it in salt water!).


4. In ancient times, Japanese people used a wooden skewer known as a Chūgi.

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5. Because they were so fancy, the wealthy French used wool, hemp, and lace.


6. In the 19th century, homes were built with indoor plumbing. People still used moss and corncobs. Doctors (and plumbers!) recommended using paper.

kellypuffs (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: kellypuffs

7. Toilet paper was first for sale in 1857.


8. Invented by Joseph Gayetty, it was an alternative to wiping yourself with catalogue paper.

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9. By the late 1890s, the toilet paper roll was born.

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10. In 1935, they were still figuring out the whole production thing, so being "splinter-free" was a selling point.


11. Astronauts use toilet paper in space. When the space shuttle returns to Earth, the paper is "compressed and destroyed."


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